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Queensland’s Economy Booming?

Mike Hawkins | Thursday, September 15th, 2011 at 10:42 am

After being hit by floods last summer that resulted in large parts of the state being declared a disaster zone, it seems Queensland’s economy is back in business.

According to State Premier Anna Bligh a new private sector report by CBA Economics Global Market Research team says Queensland’s economy is “ booming”.

The premier states that the teams positive assessment follows last week’s state final demand numbers which increased by 3.5% in seasonally adjusted terms in the June quarter to be a massive 5.7% higher than a year ago.

Ms Bligh said “Not only is Queensland’s economy being fuelled by flood recovery, but it’s rocketing ahead thanks to a massive private investment surge,” Adding “After a tough start, Queensland’s economy is back on its feet and back in business.

“Last week’s economic details released by the ABS showed big increases in construction work and private capital expenditure”.

“This is being backed up by our own building program – creating new infrastructure and new jobs right across the state.”

“Queensland has tens of billions of dollars in business investment in the pipeline, ready and raring to course through the veins of the Queensland economy.

“Unfortunately, there is a campaign out there to talk our economy down”.

“I know that Queensland has what it takes to ride out the tough times and enjoy the next era of economic prosperity.”

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